Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A beauty tip, a tax relief tip and hooray for the girls on Biggest Loser.

This beauty tip is know throughout Hollywood.

I'm here to spread the good news.

That's me.

Passing it on.

Here it is.

Wear your sunglasses in pictures.


Everyone else shot on this bright, bright day looks terrible.

Melinda, on the other hand, looks fab!

(It helps that she is extremely photogenic and adorable too.)

But trust me, no one else looked their best in that bright sun.

And Melinda, she looks like a star ;o)


Other great moments in sunglass history.

Here is one for those under 30. Kate loves sunglasses.

20080324_6985 copy
Black and white is also glamourous for some reason, don't you think?

Melinda was surely the most glamourous person spotted in Wahoo Nebraska on Easter day.

No doubt!


On a more serious side,

Amy from Good Soil has started a campaign to encourage people to give their Stimulus Plan Rebates money away.

She would like to see folks across the land, Give it charity.

If you are irritated and frustrated with how our country is handling the financial issues we face here in the wonderful country we have been blessed with....stop by Amy's Give it Away site to learn more about her grand plan.

I will be leaving the link up on the sidebar!
Can you find it?



Please feel free to discuss our fav reality shows in the comments.

Again, I was totally distracted by too many shows.

And the big Flickr glitch of 2008.

I liked Brooke for the first time last night.

And I only caught a sec of David Cooks performance. I was watching the final moments of Biggest Loser.

So tell me, what did David sing, I couldn't quite make it out from the one measure I saw.


I love that the two girls lost enough to stay in the Biggest Loser.

Made my night.


And dancing with the stars.....the one I taped was a total rerun!

It would be a great show if we hadn't seen the previous three shows.

Wow. What a racket.

Golly, Penn and Monica were sad to go, weren't they.

I'm glad I was nicer this time. :o)

Okay. Searching for those sunglass pictures took me way too long....

Gotta run.

Don't forget your shades!

My sunglasses are like my guitar.
Patti Smith

With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60.
Jack Nicholson

Amen, Jack. Amen.

Encourage one another,

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