Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In Which I say Nice things, like Paula

Okay. Last night was a work out, let me tell you.

I switched back and forth between Idol and Loser like a nut and for some reason Biggest Loser was
extremely engossing so I kept forgetting to go back and watch American Idol.

One time I was on a different channel completely waiting for the show to come back from commercial....
and well, I was missing both shows.

Tragedy, I know.

So you are going to have to help me piece together American Idol.

It didn't help that the screaming rocker girl started off the night and I changed the channel on her immediately.
Not a good sign.

Was anyone very good?

I caught David A, and while his voice was excellent, he licked his lips four times.

So tell me what you thought. Is Simon right again, were they just all off?


Biggest Loser kicked off another girl last night.

I want to strangleate the tv.

So here's my brilliant idea.

Biggest Loser needs to have a girls only season!!!!

It's true.

It's the best idea I have had today.

Why am I not in charge of programming?


Dancing with the Stars: The Gals

So here is where I act like Paula.

Shannon you have very pretty legs. (hic)

Hairspray girl, you are really really happy!

Pricilla, my! you look young for a mature woman.

Marlee, you are an inspriation. (sniff)

Monica, did you have a nice time at the prom?

Kristi. You are going to win.


Monica was just the worst dancer I have ever seen on DWTS.
She knows it.
We know it.
I actually felt sad for her.

And her partner.

He's looking for a job.

She is a brave girl.

And Kristi was just stunning. AMAZING!!

I loved everything about her!!!

I seriously think that show needs better scouts for the women.

As I see it. The women have 1 of 6 who are natural dancers.

The men have 4 of 6.


Feel free to disagree with me and stand up for your faves.

My opinion is just my opinion and may be clouded by a night of too much
reality television.

So defend away :o)


For those of you who do not watch television....

Katie learned about the prefix "dis".

We memorized more prepositions.

She wrote a dozen or so "V's" in cursive.

She learned all about Liters and I quizzed her on Latin phrases.

She told the man at the post office that she does not like Latin 'so much' but she knows more than her mommy.

(He wondered why she was not in school. I told him, we play hooky every day.)

I took pictures, edited pictures, planned for two upcoming photoshoots and knit a few rows on a scarf.

And made Sloppy Joes for dinner.

My dear girl.

She was squinting and not in the mood for more photos.

I asked her for one more, "Look at me, like you love me."

And she did.

Encourage one another,
20080317_6240-4I wouldn't be where I am without this little peanut.
My muse.

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