Monday, March 03, 2008

Cooking with Mr. Safety and Lynn

Lynn has a favorite recipe, it is called Pad Thai.

I asked her if she would teach me to make it and let me share it on the blog.

She said of course, wouldn't that be fun!


So Katie and I went to their welcoming home with freshly painted doors.

Lynn was already cooking the chicken when we arrived.

She used Chicken instead of Tofu. And I'm glad she did. Not that I wouldn't try the tofu....but I am much more likely to make this with chicken.

Here are the rice noodles.


I assumed the role of photographer and Lynn and Mr. Safety set to work.
Here Lynn is measuring out the Soy Sauce.

Into this little orange bowl went the brown sugar, soy sauce, peanut butter and vinegar.

I stirred.

This sauce is the magic to the dish. It is not too strong and not too weak.
You will be very happy with this sauce.

I promise.

The colorful bowls found their way to the windowsill.

(Now we have chopped broccoli, green onions, and Pad Thai sauce.)

I was delighted by them.


Me: Come over here by the window and do that.

Lynn: Yes. Dear.

Lynn knows about staging. She taught me everything I know.



Back to the cooks.

Introducing Mr. Safety.

Mr Safety is stir frying

Lynn, with her injured hand is handling the hot steaming water.

Me with the healthy hand, just taking photos.

Besides being totally unhelpful. I brought myself a pop and didn't bring any for Lynn and MS.

I am a terrible house guest.

Forgive me.


Veggies, peanuts and chicken, getting to know one another.


Don't mind me, I'm an artist.

These bean sprouts are so interesting and look at that bokeh!


"Please Sir, may I have some more?"

Poor Lynn was so hungry, she was like a little girl in the car on the way to the beach.

Can we add the sauce now? huh? huh? huh?
Is it ready yet?


"Lots of lime. It's best with lots of lime!" chirped Lynn.


"Hey, Mr. Safety, if she can eat with chopsticks, she can certainly do the dishes!" sassed Donna.

My friends.

My sweet, generous, talented, smart friends.

And they can cook.

And put up with me.

I love them.



Here is how you assemble Pad Thai.

Cook chicken. Shred. Set aside. Preferably on a window sill.

Chop broccoli, shred carrot, slice red pepper, chop green onions-keep the green tops for garnish, and press garlic.

Assemble Pad Thai sauce.
(brown sugar, soy sauce, peanut butter and vinegar.)

Toast peanuts.

Rinse bean sprouts.

Scramble eggs.

Start saute'ing (sp) the harder veggies first (incl. the peanuts) in a few tablespoons of peanut oil.
Then add the softer ones.

Cook the noodles. Drain and add.

Add the eggs, bean sprouts, red pepper flakes and onion tops....and then the sauce.

(The red peppers and the carrots were the chef's additions. I think they were perfect in this dish. I will do exactly what MS an Lynn did when I make this delicious, perfectly seasoned dish.)

I hope you enjoyed the first episode of

Donna makes her friends work while she takes pictures and eats their food.

This is really a delicious dish and it is very do-able.

Happy cooking!

Thank you Mr. Safety and Lynn!!!

Encourage one another,


  1. I miss Lynn. I love this post (especially this line: "Poor Lynn was so hungry, she was like a little girl in the car on the way to the beach." You are so funny, Donna Elsie!


    1. I miss her very much too. She is a wonderful, talented, fun to be with woman!

    2. oh donna, this makes me sad... where is lynn?


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