Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Idol and you can call me Moonbeam.

Chickeasy is bringing the Carlton back!!!

If you have never watched The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, well then, you must watch that clip and experience the joyous, goofy Carlton doin' his famous dance.

And then well, last night on Idol, I caught Chickeasy throw down some Carlton moves.

It was great! Made me smile.

I loved the guys last night.

David Cook was great.
Michael the Aussie sang a cool song, well.
And Chickeasy. Yeah baby.

(I mean, Chickeasy really brought it, didn't he?)

And then the girls....

I'm sorry two of the girls had me covering my ears in pain.

That twangy country singin' girl made me embarrassed to watch.
And the girl with the white streaks just isn't my cuppa' anything.

The pretty hippie chic babysitter from Az. is sweet and sings pretty but I am surprised everyone likes her performances so well.
She is lovely, but just doesn't have enough charisma.

And I think Simon loves her.

Carly S. has one tremendous voice. She reminds me of a rough, new, Streisand.

And one more thing.

Will someone tell David A. to stop licking his lips like that?


(I don't mean to be mean. I think he's a darling boy with a beautiful voice. But, the licking has to stop.
p.s. I just googled 'David Archeletta licking his lips'....and people are talking about it.)


Loyal and longtime Lost watcher, MFS, shared a name generator at her website yesterday.

Sawyer's Nickname for you

I'm puttin' the link here cause I loved the name that Sawyer game me.

He calls me Moonbeam.

Encouage one another,

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