Thursday, June 12, 2008


I think we have natural gifts. Gifts that we are born with.
Things that come naturally to us.
Not necessarily easy. Just naturally.

There are those that are gifted chefs.
There are those that are gifted with color.

Gifted writers.
Gifted artists and musicians.

Gifted physically.
Gifted spiritually.

I started thinking about this, this morning as I visited a few blogs.
I came across a knitter who is now learning to quilt.
The colors she chose for her quilt were totally inspired.
She is just a beginner. But her sense of color comes from...I don't know where!?
(Lynn has this gift of color and design. too.)

I quilted for years. I loved it. I loved the fabrics. Oh how I loved the fabrics.
But, I was just a copycat. I wanted to duplicate the pattern.
I could stray a little....but nothing inspired, really.

But that's okay. That's how I knit too.

I know what I think is pretty. But it is not my gift to think out of the box with color or design.
(Hard work and interest is one thing. Gifts are another)

Nor is it my gift to snow ski.

My sister in law is a gorgeous skiier. We skied together a few times. She looked like Jean-Claude Killy.
But, she did not work hard or spend time skiing. She skied the small hills at the park in Green Bay as a child.
But she took to it.
It came naturally to her.

I noticed this because I tried to be a skiier. I skiied pretty much for a girl from the Midwest.
But I never improved.

Really. If you saw me ski, ( Even when I was in college and traveling to Utah for Spring Skiing)
you would think I was out there for the first time!


But out on the slopes, I would glance over at my sister in law and watch her gracefully, beautifully gliding down the hill...
and I knew it was a gift to her.

But what a joyous thing to discover your gift.
To realize what you have been blessed with.

What are you gifted with?

I won't think you are bragging.

What comes naturally to you that brings you joy and thanksgiving?

Encourage one another,

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