Monday, June 02, 2008

A little trickle and the man from Ho-De.

Wednesday is Bokeh Wednesday over at Flickr. So if I don't have a picture that I want to post with so rockin' bokeh,
I dash outside and find some.
So last Wednesday, I headed out my back door in search of some bokeh. (pretty blurry background in pictures)

The first thing I saw was my two tomato plants and rose bush.
One of the tomato plants was lying down.
The other was wilting.
They were thirsty.

So I turned on the hose a little bit to water my delicate plants.

A little for you, and a little for you and a good soak for the rose.

Then I took a picture of the flax again and headed to the front yard.

Where I found our single white iris.

HBW. too.

After taking this, I went into the house thru the garage.

Where I was consumed with some new bicycle bokeh.

New Bike Bokeh.  HBW!

That was fun.

I downloaded and uploaded and edited and added my Wednesday pictures to Flickr.

Six hours later.....

I went downstairs to gather the clothes from the dryer and what do I find but
the basement partially flooded.

What on earth???

I ran upstairs and out the back find the faucet still trickling.

In my artistic, bokeh-induced stupor, I had forgotten to turn off the faucet.

Water squished between my toes as I walked across the carpeted basement floor.

What a mess.

I sent Katie to get me towels and a fan and I started the process of trying to soak up the water.
I worked for two days, sopping and wringing and spinning and drying that set of eight towels.

It smelled a little...but the carpet was drying.

But then. On Sunday morning. It started to smell badly.

Very, very badly.

I suggested we get an idea as to how much it would cost to replace the carpet.

So off to Ho-De we drove.

Where a young man pulled out his calculator and helped us get an idea of the damage.

I, of course, have to think about it....
And I think I should give our insurance company a jingle before doing anything.

We wandered to another department where I spot some carpet deodorizer, there was only one choice so I asked an older gentleman/employee where I might find some more choices and I proceed to tell him my sad story.

He asked if we had pulled the carpet up.

The foam was probably still soaked. That would be causing the smell.
'Don't buy carpet yet. If you can get that foam dried out, the smell should go away."

I started to smile. The wheels in my head were a turnin'.

Of course. This is what we did a few years back. Why had I forgotten this?

Thank you Mr. Man from Home Depot.

I love you for wanting to help us more than wanting to make money.

The good news is, it's working so far. I have some more work to do today, but I think it's going to work out.

I've got two fans blowing under the propped up rolled back carpet
and my fingers crossed.


Flooded Basement Bokeh

So...that was my exciting weekend!

The daily Katie


I was given permission to show pictures of last weekends session....
I will post those tomorrow.
Get ready for some little boy cuteness :o)

Here is the book I am reading.
(thank you matthew and melinda for the fab gift card ;o)

I admit I bought it partly because the cover is so pretty.

Have you read this book?

Encourage one another,

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