Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yesterday afternoon, the girls and I took a short walk thru our local zoo.

We were especially interested in the giraffes.

Three new giraffes.

The previous small herd died of a mysterious giraffe disease.

They are so beautiful and odd. The two older giraffes never look out at the staring crowd.
But the baby, she does. She looks and stares. She even tracked a screaming child.

I can't help but think we would all have so much more fun with the giraffe's if the zoo''s now did
things like the Brookfield zoo when I was growing up.

I mean, the Brookfield zoo was the best.

You wonder why?

They let you feed the giraffes!

Just bring a big ole bag of marshmallows from home and step right up to the giraffe ledge and let the fun begin.

You could interact with the giraffes.
See them up close.
See them move.
See them eat.

See their 20 inch long black tongue and squeal with apprehension and delight.

Now, THAT was exciting zoo going.

And Brookfield also had the porpoise show.

That was cool too! It cost extra.
But it was so exciting. Jumping, flipping, talking.
Just like Flipper.


Now we have to be respectful of the animals.
We need to make them feel at home in their fake habitats.

And be sure not to look at, wave to, sign to or smile at the gorillas.

The guard will be sure to scold you if you do.

All I know was more fun before.
And I'll bet the animals liked it better too.

Oh, I almost forgot to share my invention with you.

Since the giraffe's don't have anything to do but sit and chew their cud (nowhere as good as marshmallows).

I think there should be a mechanical lion that darts out at them.
Put it on a track so it can come right at them.
It could even roar.

Imagine the fun.
It would be good for their 25 pound hearts.
Get that blood pumping!

Isn't that a great idea?

I think all the animals at the zoo need some of their natural predators,
how can we duplicate their habitats and take away the the predators?


My best friend is a gentle giraffe,
A gentle giraffe, a gentle giraffe.
He doesn't talk much but he makes me laugh:
Makes me laugh all day.

He danced a jig while crossing the bridge,
Crossing the bridge, crossing the bridge.
He taught it to me and my sister, Midge,
And now we jig all day!

Do you miss the jungle, Gentle Giraffe?
Are you homesick? Are you sad?
You're the best friend I've ever had! Please play with me!
And stay with me!

He smiled and winked, that gentle giraffe,
Gentle giraffe, gentle giraffe.
We had a big picnic in the grass,
And drank plum juice all day!

Peanut butter, jubilee jam,
Ginseng tea with half and half!
Nothing's too fine for my giraffe!
I love him true
He loves me too...oh...

My best friend is a gentle giraffe,
A gentle giraffe, a gentle giraffe.
He doesn't talk much but he makes me laugh,
Makes me laugh all day.
~Marla Lewis

Encourage one another,

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