Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello Ev-ree-bod-e!

(question one: who says everybody like that?)

I want to ask you a little favor.
Something that will make someone really happy for a day.

And encourage her to keep blogging.

Not that she has threatened to quit. Cause I won't let her.
Me and Janice would bug her endlessly to keep it up even if it was just for us :o)

I'm talking about my sister Janet.

She is home from her vacation to Washington DC and has some great tales to tell and really cool pictures to share...
and I don't think folks know she is home.

So. Janet's home!

You can go over and see what she's been up to!

My little sister Janet has a blog

If you leave her a comment it would make her day.

And if you remember to go back next Monday, you will see pictures of Matthew and Melinda
fresh from their Mission Trip in Mexico. Their team is stopping at Janet and Dave's for some fellowship and food and refreshment after their time in Mexico.

Isn't she lucky to see them. (Take pictures please Janet. )

She is really a good hostess. It's one of her gifts. She can handle large groups with ease.

So git over there.

Go early and go often.

She doesn't know I'm doing this...so let's surprise here with some bloggy love this morning.

Thank you :o)


Every single day I am asked this question.

Can we get a dog?

Are you asked that question?

How many of you have dogs?

Is a little tiny dog and less problem than a medium sized dog?

The world is filled with dog owners. Happy dog owners.

But we had a bad experience with the one dog we owned and I am gun shy.

And we have a really unfriendly cat. That makes me sad every day.
Cause she just hisses at me and Katie and I have a complex about that.


Is there a fool proof breed?

And I mean FOOL proof!

Is it us?

What's a matter with us?

Why do all our pets turn out wacky?



I have been trying out some new Actions.

The editing on these was done with Totally Rad Actions TRA2: The Revenge.

Totally Rad Actions:TRA2


Better finish up.

Hurry on over to Janet's

And tell me what we should do about a dog.


Encourage one another,

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