Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It's a twister!

A little eight year old, red-headed twister!

In the Wizard of Oz, one of the farm hands says with a New York accent,

"It's a twist-a"

It has become part of the vernacular.

You pick up those things when you see a movie forty times.

But what is really going on is......a hair cut.

Katie got her hair cut, tra la la la la la.


Seven inches. Gone.

And we all think it's adorable!


That Cold Pasta Salad Everyone Makes.


On Sunday I decided to make TCPSEM.

I don't think I had ever made it before....and if I did it was 25 years ago.

But I had such a tasty one at the grad party I attended on Saturday that I wanted to give it a try.
(And Emma's friend's mother makes one that she is kind of famous for....and I had that one recently too)

So here are the ingredients I choose.

Medium Shell Pasta
Cheddar Cheese
Red Pepper
Shredded Carrot
Black Olives

Wishbone Italian Dressing

I liked everything about it except for the dressing.
To be honest. I am not crazy about that Wishbone Italian Dressing.

Tell me, what do you use on TCPSEM?

I want a better Italian Dressing.

One without that weird aftertaste. Does anyone know what I mean?

It can be bottled or home made.

It just has to be better. (Lighter maybe)



We heart you too, sweetie.

We heart you, too.


Encourage one another,

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