Monday, June 23, 2008

You know when you are cranky, when something has you really worked up...
and then you take it out on all the wrong people.

You know how when you do that?

When you act so harsh and scary that your husband warns the little ones to stay clear...


My advice is this,

snap out of it


don't think about it.

Because thinking about how you acted and how your sweet innocents are lookin' at you cause you are having a hissy fit,

well....that's jut too much to bear.

So really, if you aren't good at denial.

I recommend snapping.

And quickly.

Even looking back at one day of being a mean mommy makes me want to cry.

Try to direct the anger in the right direction.

And if you can't do anything about it.

Cast it away.

I promise, letting go of those bad feelings quickly is much better on everyone involved.

Here ended the lesson.

And the confession.


On Saturday I drove to Kenosha Wisconsin for a photoshoot with krg and her lovely family.

They were kind and funny and patient and easy going and funny and each person had gorgeous eyes.

All different colors (well, not eight different colors :o)
But deep sparkly browns and stunning blues and the most unique light green eyes I have ever seen.
And krg she has eyes just like Sophia.
That brown with yellow. So beautiful.

I will not tell you what she called them cause she and her daughter are super sassy.

But she doesn't realize how pretty they are. Sothere.

I took pictures of....

adorable families....

The sweetest young girl....

(She was a really dear girl. Not one second of attitude about our long photoshoot. Not one second.)

Mother and daughter...

Super spunky 5 year old

And a quiet older brother.



krg said, your are going to air brush and erase and yadda yadda yadda....

and I said, "I am know for my crisp focus! :o) he he



I have a hilarious picture of this stunning girl with her brother...
they are both wearing baseball caps. And I wish I could show you...
but I am going to wait for permission before I show a really goofy shot.

They didn't sign up for that.

Although they were asking for with, with all the shenanigans....


That's just a small portion of the pics I took on Sat.
But thought krg and her family would enjoy their sneak peek.

is anyone watching the new Password with Regis?

What do you think?

I have my opinions. Of course.

Encourage one another,

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