Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Letters and Email and bears oh my!

Do you write letters of complaint?

Do you write letters of thanks or praise?

Do you rely on email for this kind of correspondence?

Is the email connection as powerful as the written letter?

I can count the hand-written letters of praise and complaint that I have written.

I wrote John Powers a letter to tell him I loved his writing.
"Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?"

William Goldman. I wrote him. He sent me the "Reunion Scene". Or at least his people did.

I wrote Newsweek to tell them I thought the Jonestown massacre photograph was over the top.
They both wrote back.

Ben Stein wrote back after I sent him an email one day. That was a thrill.

But, what happens when you get a worm in your artichokes?


Well, I once wrote and complained about THAT icky thing happening to me and got a few jars of free artichokes
out of the deal.

I think I may make a phone call today as my Eco Palmolive is not doing it's job.

I bought a big jug of the stuff at Target a few weeks back.

It is in a pretty white and green jug.

It was on sale.

It is terrible.

The phone number is right there on the side. I should call, shouldn't I?

"Hello, your detergent is awful and my glasses are spotting and my silverware is dirty."

Why not entertain us with your best letters and responses and complaints and freebies in the comments?!

Fan letters, anyone?



And one other thing.

Do you let your children dress themselves?

At what age do you stop with the comments and let them be?

I tried to get Katie to put on a plain shirt with those shorts.
But she wasn't having it.
And I wasn't about to argue about it.

So there she is. Looking all Fierce.

I love that she has definite ideas about what she likes.

So totally different than myself.

I wore whatever hand me downs came my way.

I rarely, rarely, rarely bought clothing for my self when I was under 18 years old.

So marvel at Emma with her closet and drawers bursting with clothes.

And Katie with her mad style....and her desire to go to the mall looking for more.

I guess they got the Booshay gene for style and fashion. Patrick Sr. loves clothes and wears them well.

That's what must have happened! Mrs. Booshay would be so happy.


About that picture. If you look at it closer, it really looks like I used a flash.
I did not. The sun was hitting the side of our light grey house and bounced onto Katie.
Very interesting.

Happy Wednesday!

I would tell you to watch So You Think You Can Dance tonight....
but I'm mad at them and can't find an email address to write them a letter of complaint.
So there.

Encourage one another,


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