Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday at the Capitol with George

Saturday at the Capitol with George.

Madison's Capitol building is a place of much activity.

Concerts, Art Shows, and the Farmer's Market.

It's a beautiful building inside and out.

I wonder if other cities use their Capitol in this way?

It's so festive!


I'm pretty certain that the Weinermobile doesn't stop by other Capitols as regularly :o)

(This picture is from last summer. Where did that cute headband go?)


This headband came home with Emma from England.
It is the perfect headband.

She says she picked it up in a five and dime.

It does not hurt the spot behind your ears.


I'm off on a big adventurous photo shoot today.

I'll tell you all about it on Monday!

Just a little joyful music to send you on your way :o)

(PS22 Chorus~Staten Island NY)

Encourage one another,

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