Monday, September 29, 2008

About four months ago, I accidentally picked out the regular salt instead of the iodized salt.

I noticed when I arrived home and started putting things away.

And the worry began.

You know, I have used iodized salt for my whole life and have successfully kept The Gout away.

Thank heavens.

But I wasn't about to take it back or buy a new carton. (Although it costs under fifty cents! It's silly that I didn't.)

I was going to risk it. Surely, I can go four months without iodine. I think. I hope.

As my container came to it's end I was happy that no one had The Gout.
No giant lumps in the throat like they show you in school.

We dodged the bullet.

And then. Last week, I was reading in my Cooks Illustrated magazine...

The test kitchen prefers plain salt to iodized salt.
They have tested it and plain salt tastes better


"It's worth noting that nowadays most people get sufficient iodine from baked goods and dairy products
(iodine is in dairy cow feed and is used to wash their udders before milking).

Ah! I was safe all along!

From now on I will be a plain salt gal.

And now that I know cow's udders are washed with iodine before milking....

I haven't a worry or a care.



What a dream to photograph little boys with blue eyes!


I have never seen such a color!


He really was happy to show me his truck.



Thank goodness the water nozzles weren't hooked up to hoses :o)

I would have been very wet!



Gorgeous even before editing :o)


The new Sunday Night fall shows premiered last night.

Patrick and I were especially happy to watch The Amazing Race!

Do you have any favorites on Sunday Night?

Aren't you happy to learn that your Gout Worries are over?

Encourage one another,

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