Saturday, September 06, 2008


Three summers ago we tore down a raggedy deck from this spot.
We finally decided what to do back here.

It's genius, don't you think?
It took three years to decide on a 15 x 15 patio made with concrete.

Or as I prefer to call it (even tho I know it is wrong) C-ment.

Five men arrived at 6:00 am and by 7:30 there were ready for the concrete.

I valiantly attempted to sleep thru the first hour, but it wasn't in the cards.


A phone call has been placed to the local plumber as our drain was just not going to let
me unplug it last night.

Sure hope they can clear it out quickly.

There is nothing like a gunky kitchen sink to look at and work around...


krg requested an update on Katie's school days.

It could not have gone better.

In her words,

All the kids were really friendly and I met tons of kids.
I have a little buddy, she's in first grade, I'm suppose to help her with all the little things
we do at school, like getting things from her desk. I sit with her at lunch sometimes.

My teacher is named Mrs. Shubert and she is really nice.

I have been trying to be a good student.

I am not talking during quiet reading time.

I am reading books from the book box.

Have you heard of the book The Big Sheep Mix Up?

We have Spanish and it's really fun.

We also have music and I am learning a song we sing each time we start music class.

It is called Shake Hands.

We have a new gerbil in class and we decided to call it Peanut.


And in my words;

I was delighted with the friendliness of the other parents, the children and the staff.

Katie brought her work home and finished it quickly and well.

She seems to have adjusted very well and I have been very busy with driving, a safety seminar, and

The time seems to fly by when she is at school.

I have filled out a volunteer form and will soon be spending more time at school helping out here and there.

It's been a wonderful transition so far.

The hardest part being the START time and the traffic.

But you all have helped me out so much with your wonderful comments and suggestions.

I think my favorite was Rechelle's suggestion to have my husband do it!!!

But since that's not happen', I have been cultivating that quiet and gentle spirit thru prayer and
making a conscious effort to relax.

Friday was a much better drive for us.


I will post a completed picture of the patio by noon today.
Can't wait to see it poured.

The plumber is on the way.

I have a photoshoot at 2:00.

I am not having such a quiet life today.

But I will have plenty of opportunity to work on my quiet spirit!

How did you first week back at school go?


Just cleaning up now....

Sink is cleared.


Ta. Da.

Encourage one another,

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