Wednesday, September 10, 2008


On Wednesdays the children at Katie's school attend Mass.
Little skirts and dresses are in order.

I needed to order a few more skirts/dresses for Katie after I learned this little rule.

I visited a new favorite clothing store online called Mini Boden.

Have you heard of it?

Mini Boden

This skirt screamed.....SPIN!


Want to take a little ride with me?


Bright and early Katie and I head north to Madison. This is my favorite part of the drive. I stay on back roads as long as possible.


I know I am almost to school when I drive past two large cemeteries. They are pretty and line both sides of the street.

They remind me of the huge cemeteries on the south side of Chicago. Down by Oak Lawn.
You know the ones.

Back home we have a very new, big and thrilling store.

No. It's not a Nordstroms.

Nope. Not a Barnes and Noble.

Naw. Not a Neiman Marcus.....

The newest thing in our town.


Get your snowblowers and generators here!

(And by the way, The Farmer's Almanac says were are in for a COLD and really snowy winter. Rats.)

The weirdest thing in our town.


Does this remind any one else of My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

I know you can't see from this picture, but those white cupid statues have blue sparkly capes on them.

This is an attorney's office in our town.

It baffles me.

Gus Portokalos: There are two kinds of people - Greeks, and everyone else who wish they was Greek.

Happy Wednesday!!

Just added:

The cutest Public Service Announcement I have ever seen!!!

Encourage one another,

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