Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I went to Mass this morning with Katie.

Parents are welcome and Katie wished I would be there.

So I gladly went.

It is a bit awkward for us as we are not Catholic and do not take communion,
so we hang back and feel odd, usually.

My husband is Catholic and is journeying back to the Catholic church after many years
of, um, apathy. I think that is the right word. It just didn't matter to him where I went or if
he went to church. But in the last four years he has expressed the interest in going and I gladly
go with him.

I prayed for many years that my husband would be the spiritual head of the home.
And that he would lead in this aspect of our lives.

And now he is.

God answered that prayer.

I now go to the Catholic church with thanks and praise and listen to the wonderful Priests at
Blessed Sacrament. I know I am where I should be, beside my husband, watching him grow back
into the faith of his youth.

And I am learning and growing too. I am fed with the word of God and the songs and the
saying of the Lords Prayer and the Creeds. Even tho I am not fed during communion.
I am starting to really love it.

And to be honest, it is because I love being in a place where Jesus is honored.
And in this place, with all of it's differences from what I have experienced up until now at churches
around the globe ;o), Christ is glorified and worshipped at Blessed Sacrament,
and I am so thankful that God led me there.


No word from Steph. I will update as soon as I hear the news.

Encourage one another,

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