Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where is the world is Pioneer Woman?

If you follow Twitter, you will already know that PW and her hunky hubby are off on a getaway.
I have determined that it is the anniversary. (Reading past blogs)
Ree says there are driving 18 hours.
They live somewhere in Oklahoma.

Being a totally lame and over curious blogger that I am, I have figured that New York and LA are too far.
(I really thought New York on book business was it....but then that was too far AND it's their anniversary.)

Phoenix and DC might be in the running.

But my guess is.....Wyoming.

Just a big fat guess.

Any guesses from you?

You don't have anythings better to do, right?

And if you don't want to join in the obsessing,

Where would you like to go on a road trip?

Me. New York. I have never been there and it is calling my name.


When I got in the car this morning the gas light was on.

Uh Oh!

Then Katie ran back into the house because she forgot to brush her hair and her teeth.


This situation was riddled with potential angst.

But, you will be happy to know, that even with a quick stop for gasoline,
Katie got to school before the bell and I maintained my gentle spirit.

We did some stress reducing breathing on the way.

Thank you Gee. :o)

"Breath in the love, Breath out the stress."

I'm not sure it worked, but it sure made Katie laugh.


I had a photo shoot with my favorite gals!

Jen owns a beautiful Aveda beauty salon here in our town.
Heather cuts and colors my hair.

They are my biggest encourager's and source of referrals.

I love them for it.

Here is phone number for Essentials in Verona (608-848-8999

Yesterday, Jen needed a few more head shots for her website as she didn't have
pictures of Vanessa yet!

I tell you, they were so much fun and easy to shoot.

And I also want to say that I love my Nikkor 17-55 2.8.

It really is a dream lens. I am so grateful to have it.


Here's Jen. She is so pretty and fun!


And a little bit nutty.


This is my hair stylist, Heather.

She is camera shy. But after an hour, her inner Tyra Banks shows up.

I happen to love the colors in this lovely, yet cheesy shot.


I am holding the camera above my head.

Thank you Auto Focus. You are my best friend.


Here is Vanessa. She is a natural beauty, too.


This picture really captures their personalities, I think.

What do you think of this color-age?

I ran a new action on this picture.

Do you like it?


I'm off the enjoy this beautiful September day!!!

Encourage one another,

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