Thursday, September 25, 2008


The Hunger March is this morning.
Katie is very excited.
I will be there helping, so I will come back later with thrilling action photos, I'm sure :o)

I can remember wanting to do a march to raise money when I was in junior high or high school.

My mom would not let me. I think she thought it was too radical.

Even if it was for charity.

My how things have changed. I wonder what she would think of Katie marching for hunger?


Two disappointing eliminations on reality television last night.

Sweet, cute Ted was the second to go on DWTS. He just didn't have the fan base. Poor guy.
He was good and looked so sad.

So sorry Ted. It wasn't your dancing. It was the fact that the older ladies who think you're cute....
don't vote.

And the wrong person was sent home on Project Runway.
The 50's girl was rude to Tim and designed a horrible outfit and the judges roundly hated it.
But she stayed.


Could it be a ratings ploy?

I really wanted her gone!


Okay. I'll be back!

Happy Thursday all!

Encourage one another,

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