Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Never in a gazillion years did I think I would choose Warren Sapp as my favorite new Star on
Dancing with the Stars. But I do. I will. I choose him.

Other dancers who I think have a chance...

Brooke Burke
Lance Bass
Maurice the runner

First to go

The "comedian"
La Lucci
Rocco (Not because he is terrible, I have a feeling people don't know him. He's cute tho.)

Kinda boring:

Kim K

I'm on a first name basis because I can't spell well and am forgetful.

I would love to hear your opinions!!


Miss Katie is walking in a Hunger March at her school on Thursday.

She visited our neighbors to gather pledges and is ready to go.

The Primary students walk around the school block for one hour and earn money for each lap.

In the past they earned $12,000. This money is dispersed locally and internationally.

I love that all of these wonderful opportunities are in place and all we have to do is volunteer.

As a homeschooler for 14 years, any time you wanted to do anything like this...you had to reinvent the wheel and do all of it yourself. It was super hard. (Maybe not hard for others, but hard for me. I am not a big picture organizer sort of person.)

So as far as extra curricular and charity work....I am loving the Blessed Sacrament "machine" :o)

The Middle Child that I am is all about following the leader.

Tell me.

Do you prefer to organize or be the helping hands?
What is your birth order?

Encourage one another,

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