Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Around here....


The cheery cherry tomatoes are ready to go.


Our bratty cat hissed at a baby the other day.
Cutest, quietest, sleeping baby.


Oh my!


We are wearing jackets.

And I am still adjusting to my 50mm 1.4

On the day I took the picture above, I made Katie come outside with me four times.

I took at least 60 pictures of her.

So many of them blurry.

I'm still not sure if it is the lens, me or the camera.

I will press on until I figure it out.


Steph (from the comments) is having a baby tomorrow.

I would love for you to send your well wishes and encouraging words today.

No horror stories allowed.

Just the good parts version.

You know. ' Remember to relax.' "Take your own pillow', ...that sort of advice.

I think she would appreciate it. We have another expecting momma named Rosa who is, shall we say, 'on deck' and Courtney is right behind her :o)

The end of pregnancy is so stressful and tiring and hard....these gals need our best encouragement...

So encourage away!

20080916_8752 copy
My sister Nancy expecting baby Ashley in 1978 (?)
Picture taken with my Minolta film camera.

I have always liked this picture.

Ashley weighed over 10 lbs.

My sisters have big babies.

Encourage one another,

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