Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hey! What's in that box?

A few weeks ago I went searching for our copy of Saxon 87.
I didn't find it.

But I found this!


My sister Sue and our friend Karen made these boxes for one another and for friends.
I was the lucky recipient one year.

They went to the tobacco shop and begged for some old cigar boxes.
Clipped words from magazines.
Glued them on and rolled them securely in place with a little tiny roller.

I loved my wordy cigar box.
Isn't it cool.


Check this out!

I also apparently loved O.J. Simpson.


Actually, I had a lot of crushes on sports figures in high school.

My love for Brett Favre comes as no surprise to my sisters I am sure.

But who would ever have guessed that O.J. would become notorious and ridiculous?

Not me.


I remember wearing my Gerald Ford pin when I visited my sister and brother-in-law in Minocqua.
On the second day, he told me he got the point and I didn't need to wear the pin any more.

This was before President Ford tripped and fell a lot and hit people in the head with golf balls.


Steve Martin has faired well over the years. I still love him.

The price on this ticket amuses me.


Yup. I loved the Chicago Blackhawks.

Playoff tickets, don't cha know!

Eight dollars and twelve dollars.

Our Packer tickets are almost $60.00 each and Green Bay is inexpensive for Pro teams.

Gee Willikers.


I must have gone to church while at Hillsdale :o) Once or twice.
My friend, Kelly, kindly filled out this card for me.

Desire Envelopes for stewardship? Only if they are scented.
Wish Pastor to call? What have I got to lose.

She was funny.


Here is proof that I could do a back flip.

Also proof that one day, long ago, my stomach was flat.

I regret not having that flat stomach....and I regret that I did not point my toes.

I love that box and it's wonderful memories.

Thanks Sue!
Thanks Karen!

Encourage one another,

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