Thursday, September 11, 2008


Seems all of the girls in our family are having some difficulty adjusting.

I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from Katie's teacher. Mrs. S. said she wanted to let me know that Katie's math teacher told her that Katie has been teary in math class.

Oh dear. Poor sweet little one.

I know that feeling very very well.

A new math book, with all new jargon.
New rhythms and new pressures.

When I asked her about it she was not able to articulate just what was making her cry.
And then she confessed that she burst out in tears at lunch.

"For no reason."

That sounds like a tired, overwhelmed girl to me.

I am so thankful that the teacher called. Katie and I were able to have a nice talk about those feeling.
On the way to school today she got a great big pep talk.

I am sure it is just a time of adjustment and she will learn to work faster and be more gentle with herself.

So much to learn. So many feelings.

And I can't help but think being tired adds to the stress.

I am tired waking up to the alarm and being on the go.

I feel anxious about little things and long for the slower pace.

But this is my new season and I will get the hang of this routine soon.

I will find the peace and quiet in my day.....I will make the peace and quiet in my day.

For some reason, I have always been good at this. Let's call it self preservation.

I parented alone for many, many years and I survived by making a time of rest for myself.

I didn't feel guilty about it. I put the children to bed early and watched tv and quilted and read.

This routine gave me the rest I needed to manage on my own. To feel rested.

I may need more rest than others, and I actually think I do, but for those of you out there
that are feeling overwhelmed and teary, give this some thought.

It is okay to rest.
It is important to rest.

God planned it into our week. He set an example for us.

He knew it was important to rest and reflect on what is good.

It's good for your soul and for your mental health.

So go find a prayer closet or duck under your apron or take a walk around the block.

It does a body good ;o)

Encourage one another,

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