Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A few months ago I purchased some actions from Jodi at MCP Actions.

I needed some skin smoothing actions and decided to get a few to help whiten teeth while I was at it.

Jodi's actions worked perfectly and easily and I could do something I had no idea how to do in any other way.
So I was quite pleased.


I used powder your nose on Emma here. It wasn't needed so much....but I wanted to show you what it does.
For more formal portraits it's nice to have perfect skin.

You can change the if this looks too can easily be changed.

So just the week, Jodi wrote to ask me if I would like to try her Magic Blog It Boards.

I took a peek at what they were and thought they looked great.

"What if I can't figure them out?" I said.

"Don't worry. Do what you can." she said.

So Jodi sent me the actions. I opened them up.
And went straight to work building my Blog It Boards.

(If you don't know how to open actions, Jodi has a free tutorial on her blog that explains it.)

They worked easily and without fault.

I was able to make these great Blog It boards within minutes of opening the actions.




I love the ability to add text. Love it!
This feature worked easily and smoothly.

I have purchased storyboards from another company in the past and I was never able to get
the Text portion working properly, even with numerous emails back and forth.

So I was delighted with these!

By the end of the day, I had a few question and decided to watch the 13 minute tutorial on how to use the Magic Boards and
Jodi answered every question I had in her tutorial.

And honestly, I love watching her tutorials. Her voice and teaching style is lovely.

Jodi offers many different actions and tutorials and even one on one teaching.

So if you want to learn from a really great teacher, go visit Jodi and see what she does.

And from the actions that I have used; they are well designed and very easy to use.

Thank you Jodi! I love your new set and I look forward to working with them!

Here's her link. She has many more examples and a little video to watch over there!

MCP Actions

I think I can even figure out how to make my own Christmas Cards with these Boards!

Super fun!

Encourage one another,

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