Thursday, December 02, 2010

Art. I like you.


Winding Wool

She'd bring to me a skein of wool
And beg me to hold out my hands;
so on my pipe I cease to pull
And watch her twine the shining strands
Into a ball so snug and neat,
Perchance a pair of socks to knit
To comfort my unworthy feet,
Or pullover my girth to fit.

As to the winding I would sway,
A poem in my head would sing,
And I would watch in dreamy way
The bright yarn swiftly slendering.
The best I liked were coloured strands
I let my pensive pipe grow cool . . .
Two active and two passive hands,
So busy wining shining wool.

Alas! Two of those hands are cold,
And in these days of wrath and wrong,
I am so wearyful and old,
I wonder if I've lived too long.
So in my loneliness I sit
And dream of sweet domestic rule . . .
When gentle women used to knit,
And men were happy winding wool.

~Robert William Service

Those last four lines are my favorites.


On Friday afternoon, of our Thanksgiving weekend, Cindy took Katie, Emma and I out to The Barn.


In the barn, work two darling girls.
They run their letter press and build a business.

Both artists, they have found their niche; a perfect way to express and share their wonderful talents.

I am a fan of whimsy and find it very much in their styles.



Beth and Carrie.
Carrie and Beth.


making copies....

kind of...


It's really fun to watch these two work.
Their business is growing and becoming more well know every week.
They have a darling recipe box with cards at Anthropologie!

This weekend Carrie is heading to Chicago to attend an art show. If you are in Chicago you should drop on by and see
their clever and cute items in person.


Here is the craft fair: absolutely NOT a crap fair.

Renegade Craft

You should check out the vendor list!!! Man! I wish I could be there.
My favorite, Circa Ceramics will be there!

Here is 1canoe2's etsy. I hear they will be a featured seller very soon!


Look! Cindy gave me some coasters! Thank you Cindy!

1canoe1 coasters

Katie and I like the pine cone best of all.
Well, she likes the sparkly star, too. That girl loves a little sparkle.

really.  use them. 1 canoe 2

Very best wishes to Carrie and Beth!!

I adore your homemade, family run, all American (BoCoMo) business!!!

And YOU!

Encourage one another,

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