Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Further Adventures with Piglet and Pooh.

Katie and I arrived in Chicago at 3:00pm on Saturday afternoon. It was a beautiful, sunny, cold and windy day.
Exactly what one would expect on a December day in Chicago.
Emma was working until 7:30 so Katie and I needed to find something to do in the city. Just we two.

We were both ready for lunch so I hatched a plan. We would walk down Chicago toward Mich. Ave.
I figured many stops would keep Katie warm and my knees happy.

We would make our way to Garrett's popcorn shop on Ontario and Michigan Ave.

It seemed like a long walk in the cold but I told Katie if it was too hard and cold we would take a taxi home from Garretts.

We set off with the wind in our faces as we headed to the Soup Box.
The Soup Box is a cozy restaurant on Chicago Ave. that has delicious soup and Katie's favorite, Sourdough bread.
My glasses steamed up tremendously when we walked in the door but it felt wonderful.
Tables were filled but we snagged one after about five minutes and Katie ate her chicken noodle soup and I enjoyed a bowl of Lobster Bisque.
We shared a small glass of orange Fanta and made mini sandwiches with the oyster crackers and butter.
My idea.

After a nice lunch we bundled back up and headed to the popcorn shop.

The sidewalks were busy, especially at the crosswalks. Katie held on to my elbow as we scooted thru the crowds.
Her long skinny legs were very cold and I urged her on. I pointed at the lights and the pretty things in the windows.
At one point we were looking at the pretty jewelry in the windows and I banged my head on the glass trying to get a closer look.
We just looked at one another and laughed and laughed.

When we got to Garretts there was a line out the door. Fortunately the bodies from the crowd sheltered Miss no-body-fat from the cold (That's Katie...haha). After 20 minutes and a complimentary apple cider we made it inside the store.

We enjoyed every minute inside the toasty, aromatic store. Waiting in line was a treat.


Since we were now nice and warm, I convinced Katie that we could make it home!


We stopped in Burberry and Neiman Marcus and the Apple store.


I looked at my blog on the ipad and Katie played a game. As you can see in the second picture, I let her play until she won.

Then off we went down Chicago Ave...passing by horses and carriages, buildings with red and green tops and honking cars.

We stopped in Anthropologie for a warm up and then in the entrance of Panang. Katie complained more on this one adventure than I have ever heard her complain before. Our roles were reversed. I was urging her on this time, my little piglet was having an Eeyore sort of day.

We waited in the lobby of Emma's building and watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune while we ate cheesy, caramely popcorn.
It was warm and it was good.

Our adventure came to a happy end.
No fingers or toes were lost.
Eeyore eventually warmed up and Pooh was proud to have made the long journey.

"Never forget me, because if I thought you would, I'd never leave."
- A. A. Milne

Encourage one another and stay warm on this shortest day of the year!

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