Friday, December 17, 2010


Guess what last night was?

Time to bake the cookies!
Everyone loves Patrick's Iced Cut Outs.

For her birthday treat at school, Katie likes to take her daddy's cookies to school.
It's become a tradition.

I mix the dough the night before.
Katie and her dad do the rolling (Patrick), cutting (Katie),
placing on sheet (Patrick), Icing (Patrick) and sprinkling (Katie).

We have a nice system goin'....


Today Katie will get to hand out cookies to her classmates. (two each)
Then she gets to go to the other rooms and give cookies to all the other teachers.
After that, she will go downstairs and give cookies to the Principle and the Secretary.
Can't forget them.

It's a good day to be Katie.


Besides the cookies and the birthday...

It's Show your Badger Spirit day at school!!!

Go Wisconsin Badgers! Rose Bowl Bound!

One week until Christmas Eve!


Encourage one another,

p.s. this is one recipe I can not share...sorry.

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