Friday, December 10, 2010

Generosity, Simplicity, Tradition and Love.

A very good day on the home front.

Just a regular day, filled with regular things.
Really Really special regular things.

This beautiful chicken pie was a gift.


At Bible study on Wednesday a woman named Mary said she had something in the car for me.
I couldn't imagine. When I left she came out with me and reached into her van and pulled out this pie.

She had wanted to bring me a meal last spring when Sue died. Her church has a chicken pie sale every year and she thought of me.

I could not have been more thankful and blessed by this beautiful gift!
It means so much to me.

I made it for dinner Wednesday night and we all loved it.
Yesterday I had more for lunch and I will eat it again today.

(The gravy is gone...I will need to do something about that ;o)

But every time I have a slice of chicken pie, I will think of the kindness of Mary A.

It makes me want to bless someone else with the gift of a chicken pie and tender thoughts.


I padded around the house in a pair of my hand knit socks.
(baby it's cold inside)

These socks remind me of my father. They look like Neapolitan ice cream. He liked that.



Katie had basketball practice until 5:00 and then she had to be at the Christmas Concert at 6:00....
Even if it wasn't snowing and the streets were filled with cars and at a standstill...I had planned on bringing Katie her clothes and pretty much camping out in the church until the concert.


I sat in my seat and worried that Patrick wouldn't get there on time (tradition).

But he got there in plenty of time and all was well.

How precious are those folded hands. What angels!

St. Luke's Gospel

Hide it in your hearts dear ones.


Thank you for voting for Asher yesterday! He got over 130 votes in one day thanks to you!

The heater is running...chicken pie in the fridge....feeling loved...

thank you God for this quiet life.

Encourage one another,

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