Monday, December 13, 2010


We decorated the tree on Saturday afternoon.


And we also cleared off the kitchen table.

This table makes me immensely more joyful and filled with peace than the tree does.

I know. I am weird.


Here is the garland at night.

It's long.

It was made by a woman here in Madison. She was selling stings of garland at the school bazzar.

I rarely buy things like this....
I'm happy I did.


It has birds on it and the colors are perfection.


This one is fine.

Remember when we said fine?

It was in the 70's.

"Oh! He's fine."

Anyway.... back to decorating....

DSC_1769-6 copy

Wishing you beautiful colors and warm memories and clean spaces.


p.s. I sure wish my comments weren't acting so wacky today....

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