Wednesday, December 15, 2010

smokeymorning copy

It's usually too icy to stop and too cold to get out of the car lately.
But our mornings can be so beautiful and pink and interesting.

This morning as I waited for the Target/Starbucks to open I took a little detour.
Down an un-named road that heads to the new Aldi's and Taco Bell I went.

The smoke from the chimneys is especially noticeable and pretty when it is -9 degrees.

I tried my best with my cell phone.

Peaceful, no?

Dona Nobis Pacem.


Yesterday I was lucky enough to go out to lunch with some friends.
We went out for Thai. Nancy brought her girls, this unnamed woman brought her adorable unnamed child,
and I brought my camera.

Our visit was way too short but it was really fun!


This little guy was rambunctious and a little shy but I tried my hardest to make friends with him.
He gave me this smile just as they were leaving.

It made my day!


I think I would like to go out to lunch every week. Don't you think that sounds like a nice plan?

I can be the lady who lunches.

It's my calling, I think.

Any takers?

Encourage one another,

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