Friday, February 20, 2004

24 Carrot

I was so blessed to spend time yesterday on my quick trip up North with three of "the quilters".
We met for a quick lunch at Burger King. But it turned into a quilting bee! It was great!

I brought my booja bag and socks, A. brought an origami purse she made out of brown and rose flannel, M. brought her felted bag, i-cord, a darling heart quilt, a toothbrush for Katie and a toothpaste squeezer for each of us...K. brought the cutest Muffy fabric that she know I would love and want.

It wasn't planned...we just *had* to share!
We are long time friends and although it has been over a year and a half since we have all been together,
it was like riding a bike.

But better than that!

Such love and laughter and familiarity! *big sigh*

It took a long time to make those friends up North. Once you are out of college it seems difficult to make strong friends. At least if was for me...and I am real friendly :o)

But I chalk it up to God's timing and that He will give me the friends He wants me to have.

He was right!

So now I am in a new town...three years here in Southern Wisconsin...the friendships are few but growing...because of my past experience I am content to wait. The friend's God picks out for me are Gold!

OK all you Girlscouts, sing along;

Make new friends, but keep the old
One is silver and the other's gold.


Marla (from Sweden and Texas) left me the kindest note the other day...she said, "You were born to blog, my dear." Well that was the sweetest thing to say...I will accept the compliment and not argue. I know I was born to talk and I *do* love to share...
But really, I am trying to figure out how to incorporate the Bruce Springsteen Album cover into an image of a middle aged woman her jammies...with a Diet Dr. Pepper :o)

I suppose this calls for Crissy and her photoshop!!!


My sock is giving me fits!!!

Here is an excellent site;

You see, I didn't know the proper terms. It helps to know what heel turn and gussets are :o)


One last thing....Thank you for your commets! It is the highlight of my blogging day :o)

My husbands asks when he comes home from work,

P: How was the blog today?
Me: I got five comments!
P: Wow!

The excitement never ends around here :o)

Encourage one another. You sure encourage me!

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