Thursday, February 19, 2004


I will be taking Emma to Winter Camp today.
They will play in to snow, pray together, talk, sing and giggle... a lot.

I wll be on the road for about eight hours. Would you say a quick prayer for us?

I will be working on my quiet and gentle spirit....I am not at my best behind the wheel....the inner Mario Andretti comes out...."I must make good time"...."No I am not stopping to go to the bathroom"...."We will be there in 46 minutes.".....

My poor kids! They see their mother transformed right in front of their eyes from docile knitter/homebody to Speed Racer!

Alright, I'm convinced....I'm gonna do much better today. Not one sigh, not one grumble, not one beep.

I'm sure I will still make excellent time....and my kids will feel less stressed!

Encourage one another,

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