Friday, February 27, 2004

Let's talk Movies

So with the Academy Awards just around the corner I have movies on the brain. But guess what?
I have not seen ONE of the movies that are nominated this year! I, of course, know all about them...just didn't get out to see them!

I still love the Oscars though. The dresses...the speeches....the host...

Looking over the list of winners ( at I noticed that in the last 27 years I have only missed 3 1/2 movies. The 1/2 is was too violent and I stopped watching.

Guess the other three...hint....They were all Big films and recent.

Here is a list of the Academy Award Best Picture since 1976. (Why 27 years you ask? I had to include Rocky!)

1976 Rocky 1977 Annie Hall 1978 Deer Hunter1979 Kramer vs. Kramer 1980 Ordinary People 1981 Chariots of Fire 1982 Gandhi1983 Terms of Endearment1984 Amadeus1985 Out of Africa1986 Platoon 1987 The Last Emperor1988 Rain Man1989 Driving Miss Daisy1990 Dances with Wolves1991 Silence of the Lambs1992 Unforgiven1993 Shindler's List1994 Forrest Gump1995 Braveheart 1996 The English Patient1997 Titanic1998 Shakespeare in Love1999 American Beauty2000 Gladiator2001 A Beautiful Mind 2002 Chicago

Now here's where you come in....

What are your top Oscar winning films from the last 27 years?

What Oscar winner would you like to have been in?

What Oscar winner is most like your life?

What Oscar winner is least like your life?

List three you haven't seen.

List you most detested Oscar winner.


In looking over this list I find the choices of winners very interesting. Notice that the comedies and romantic comedies are MIA. I would consider Rocky, Annie Hall and Shakespeare in Love to be the only three that fit in the romantic comedy category.
Guess I am just a cinematic sillyheart!

Have fun! Looking forward to reading your answers.

I'll be wearing this on Sunday :o)

Your Cinematic Sillyheart,

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