Saturday, February 28, 2004

Just a little more about the movies...

I sure had fun reading the comments yesterday. Thanks!

Over at Summa Mamas lives a gal named Smockmama...she has seen every movie on the long list of Oscar Winners I posted yesterday and she now has a little side-blog dedicated to The Movies. She has posted her picks for this year...check it out at;

A bit later today I will post her sites at my sidebar. Smart and favorite combo!


When I asked which movie would you like to be in, Tam wondered if I meant 'to act in'...
Well, I do not have one acting bone in my interest in acting at all! But of course I understand there are many who dream of such a thing...

My job in the movie industry would be something entirely behind the scenes...
Do you want to know what my dream job would be?

I want to pick the music that is played in the background. The Soundtrack. Not the score...the Soundtrack! Who is the lucky guy who gets this job?

So a few more questions...

What job would you like in the movie industry?
Who is your all time favorite Actor?
Who is your all time favorite Actress?
What director do you want to work for?

Good guys CAN finish first :o)

Encourage one another,

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