Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Baking Bread

Oh my goodness...this morning I found, in my email, photos sent from Janet.
And what do you think she is doing in these photos? She is posing in front of five loaves of homemade bread! You thought I was going to say 'in front of her five children, didn't you?' Nope. Beautiful loaves of homemade bread and a bright and shiny Bosch and Nurtimill.

Since I can not get Janet's picture to post, check her out at
Kim's site!

How lucky can you get? Gifts from her hubby!

I have been wanting to grind my own grain and make fresh bread for many years now. The Bread Beckers is just one source of great homebaking information...and they will tell you every illness can be cured with freshly ground grains! (well, maybe not every :o) Sue Becker is very enthusiastic.

So now we all need Janet's recipe don't we!
And stories of her baking beginnings.
Come on Janet. I will be watching the comments (as it is too early to call Arizona)
for your baking anecdotes.

All bakers are welcome to jump into the conversation.
Even if you are only a baker in your dreams :o)
Let's talk homemade bread today!

Encourage one another,

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