Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Poetry:Dorothy Aldis

Winter Coats

In October, when they know
That very soon there will be snow,

Cows and horses, sheep and goats
Start to grow their winter coats.

Each year they grow them, fine and new
(And fitting very nicely too),
But with no buttons to undo,

Nor pockets for a handkerchief.
And so they have to snort and sniff.

Day-Time Moon

In the morning
When the sun
Is shining down
On every one,
It's very strange
To see the moon,
Large and like
A pale balloon,
Drifting over
Roof and tree
Without one star
For company...


The fenceposts wear marshmallow hats
On a snowy day;
Bushes in their night gowns
Are kneeling down to pray-
And all the trees have silver skirts
And want to dance away.

Who is your favorite writer of poetry for children?


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