Thursday, December 09, 2004

Christ with Us

"Building our homes on Christ is not some pious idea that has nothing to do with real, everyday problems, fears, and troubles. We do not have to do with an imaginary Jesus. He is actually there! Christians through the ages have found that the Rock is real, a firm foothold. The bible is bursting with promises and practical instruction. But we won't find our how it all works in real life unless:
1. We actually believe it is true.
2. We learn to live it every day and night of the week, rather than leaving it for the Sunday-in-church part of our lives.
3. We start actually living in relationship with God through His Son Jesus in a choice made once and then lived out on a day-by-day basis. He becomes the "always there" and best person in life.
4. We listen to God in His word-not inventing our own ideas about how to go about living life.
5. We obey His directions.

It seems harder and harder today for people to realize that in order to be rooted people who bear fruit, they must accept limitations....

For all of us. The Lord promises extra help when we call on Him in weakness, failure, and need. Homes need God's help to survive."

-Susan Schaeffer Macaulay, For the Family's Sake

I would like to add, we all need God's help to survive.

It is not an easy, carefree, perfect life for anyone.

Without the knowledge of God's love for me and understanding my role as His child, I would be desperate, terrified and alone.

But I am not. I cling to Him and trust Him and cast my cares upon Him.

Thy fate is the common fate of all; Into each life some rain must fall.
-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"If you have been raised up with Christ,
keep seeking the things above, where Christ is,
seated at the right hand of God. Set your mind on the things above,
not on the things that are on earth."
Col 3:1,2

I have an unspoken prayer request for our family.
If you feel led to pray, I thank you in advance.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Encourage one another,

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