Saturday, December 18, 2004

I don't care what people say...
Rock and Roll is here to stay...

Emma in her dad's letter Jacket and her mother's cashmere sweater...
While she is not big on dressing up...we just happen to have some fiftyish clothing articles around the house for her to wear to the 1950's inspired birthday she attended last night!

I told Emma I wore that sweater with a peter pan collar.

Even tho I was only born in the 50's...I have always been fond of the music and clothing styles of the day. Our cheerleading uniform included a pair of saddle shoes and a high pony tail.

During my middle school and high school days we had sock hops and 50's inspired festivities. I don't know if this was common all across the country or just in Wheaton, Illinois. But it does seem styles and trends come back around every twenty-five years or so. As in the 70's inspired clothing of late. yuck...It was ugly then...and it's ugly now. Do you think the eighties mullet hairstyle will come back? How about big shoulder pads! Let's hope not :o)


First semester school overview set for Monday. It's been a busy and productive semester for Emma. Tune in next week :o)


Are you wishing people Merry Christmas yet?

Encourage one another,

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