Saturday, December 04, 2004

I only have eyes for you :o)

The Flame homeschool choir.

Emma was waaaay in the back row but I had a perfect view of her face from where I was sitting. This made me very happy :o)
I told Emma I was so glad to be able to see her and asked her if she could see her father...

"No I could not see dad...but I could see you, and you were smiling."

That's me...sitting there, proud and happy as can be.

The choir and teachers worked very hard all fall. The students were challenged by pieces of music that were from all over the world. The boys sang Pengyou Ting a traditional Chinese melody. Very Unique! One of my favorites was Natufurahi Siku Ya Leo. It is a traditional Taita folk melody. The lyrics were a tongue twister for Emma...But the choir sang it perfectly and it gave me a special thrill knowing how difficult it was to learn.

They also sand a song called A Winter Carol. The notes in the program say that it is Canada's first Christmas carol.
Do you know this song, dear Canadians? It was very pretty and had some Native Indian words.

So our very busy week is over! Didn't do as many days of school as I had hoped.
Now next week we have Christmas Caroling at Four Winds Nursing home on Thursday afternoon and Patrick and I will host a Christmas Open House for our homeschool group on Friday. We chose five houses to host these parties last summer! I volunteered. We very rarely have parties!

Ya wanna come? I really don't know if anyone will show up.

The good thing about hosting the party is I will clean the house and declutter and decorate for Christmas! One week from today our house will look festive and clean. Now THAT is something to look forward to :o)

Oh, my hubby is going to make cookies today! He (we) owned a bakery for 17 years and his iced cookies are the only thing he has figured out how to make at home. I think he makes 1/16 a batch.

We are so happy he has figured this out! They are wonderful cookies and are such a delicious reminder of Boucher's Bakery!

I'll take a picture of them for you!

Encourage one another,

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