Thursday, December 30, 2004

My favorites

Every once in a while I go back a re-read my blog. I plan to save the whole year on disk or CD or whatever works. It will be my diary of 2004, complete with pictures.

The comments disappear after a few months with blogger...but perhaps there is a way to get them back.

I tried, but do not understand how to send you to specific dates/blogs so if you are interested in reading some of my favorite entries I will give you the month and date and you will have to page down to the date.

convenient, huh?

I liked rereading;
January 16th and 24th,
February 3 and 4,
March 22 and 27,
April 1 and 8 and 27 and 30
and May 3,10,11,26.

That's all for now. I'm sorry my method is antiquated.

I hope you enjoy the posts I've selected.

Encourage one another,

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