Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Blast from the past!

I grew up in the Chicago area...and as you know...I like to watch television.
When I was young I watched WGN. In fact, we had four channels. ABC, NBC, CBS and my favorite WGN. There was a lot of children's programming on WGN. I'm sure you have heard of Bozo the Clown. He is probably the most famous Chicago Television personality. Bozo was our Howdy Doody. (Howdy Doody was before my time) But I wasn't a big fan of Bozo although I really liked to watch THE GRAND PRIZE GAME. (I'll teach you how to play at the end of this post)

I was especially fond of Ray Rayner and Family Classics. Family Classics was a movie show which was on Sunday Afternoon. Family Classics played movies like Lassie and Heidi and A Christmas Carol. This is how I became a movie lover...not going to the theater...watching Family Classics.

At Christmastime, WGN ran a few 'music videos'. I think they showed them during the Ray Rayner show...but they also ran them at commercial time. They were Suzy Snowflake, Hardrock, Coco and Joe, and Frosty the Snowman. They were special, musical movie shorts that were a delight to me.

And Guess What?

I found them on the internet!!!

Go and visit Lisa's Web World-Chicagoland Memories

If you grew up in Chicago, I know these videos will take you back!

Your teens might be interested to see how far the entertainment world has come since the 50's and 60's. It is really astonishing that we were fascinated by these little musical dittys.

Compare them to the Incredibles and Shrek and The Lord of the Rings.

What a difference a generation makes.


The Grand Prize Game is played with one ball and five or six buckets. Place the buckets in a straight line. Stand in front of the first bucket. Toss a ball or bean bag into the first bucket, then the second, then the third...if you can make it to the final bucket, you're the winner.

Isn't that fun...and easy.


It was good to be a little girl in the 60's. For me it was carefree and innocent.

"Here comes Suzy Snowflake
Look at her tumblin' down
Bringing joy to every girl and boy
Suzy's come to town"

Encourage one another,

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