Monday, February 26, 2007

Miss Opinions blogs the Oscars

The dresses were extremely disappointing to me.
They just seemed off..
Great neckline...wrong color. (Rachel W)
Gorgeous bottom...ick top. (Penelope)
Wonderful top...bad bottom. (Helen)
Great fit...strange color. (Gwenyth)

How can it all go so wrong?
It seems everyone did wear their best dresses to the Golden Globes.

There were two dresses I glimpsed on the red carpet but they were worn by people so insignificant that no one took their picture. Sad.

Don't they know I'm writing a blog about the dresses!

One dress was a beautiful traditional Japanese jacket.
It was a gorgeous blue.
I wonder if I will ever see that dress.
It's like the Loch Ness monster but in a pretty, mysterious, Oscar sort of way.

But Reese, got it absolutely right!
My very favorite dress.

Congrats on your Oscar, Jennifer Hudson.

Oh no. That must be your lucky Flash Gordon jacket.
Just too ugly.

Tell me true, does anyone like this necklace?

It seems Meryl is only interested in pleasing one person.
I am sure, she doesn't care that we don't like her outfit.

I really do admire her as an actress and all I can think is.... that necklace must have some very special meaning to her.'s just not pretty AT ALL.

Meryl did, however, said the best thing I heard all night to Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet.

Ryan: Congrats. This is... 14 total nominations for you.
Meryl Streep: Yes...and I'm a size 14... so it matches!

Love her!

Okay, maybe I'm wrong about Rachel W.
I didn't see the back of this dress until this morning.
It's quite pretty.

I still think it would have been prettier in a pale blue or even red.

About the rest of the show:

Ellen was funny. (She went out into the audience and asked Steven Spielberg to take a picture of herself and Clint Eastwood.
And then she cozied up to Martin Scorsese and gave him a script :o)
The interpretive dance was cool.
The three comedians were a blast.
"We're going home with Helen Mirren and an Oscar too!"

Martin Scorsese won.
Everyone was happy for him.
Jennifer Hudson and Forrest Whitacre remembered and thanked God (uncommon for the Oscars). It made me smile :o)
Tom Hanks had a nice haircut and Emma and I just like to see him.
Jack Nicolson was the life of the party, as usual.
AlGore won an Oscar.

It was a good night for the movies....
But not so good for the dresses.

Look at yesterday's blog for some really fabulous dresses.
(It's so fun to have a blog where I can be so very opinionated! he he)

Happy Monday!

Don't be shy to tell me what you think!

Encourage one another,

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