Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Show us your pets!

Here is Maggie. She is allowing me to scratch her in her favorite place.
She visits me when it is quiet and I am blogging.
And she needs a scratch.
And I oblige.

She hides most of the day from Katie and me.
We are too loud for Maggie.

I know this because when I sing 'The hills are alive with the sound of music' in my loud fake opera voice, the cat tears out of the room.
This makes every one laugh.
Except Emma.

She doesn't understand why we bother her cat so much.

Emma is the quiet cat-like one in the family. (So is her dad, now that I think of it)
The rest of us are just like puppies.
"Play with us"
"Come and wrestle and play with us!"

But Maggie is smarter than we think. And I think a little passive aggressive.

Nearly every day, when I am in the bathroom, in a precarious position, she pushes open the door.

Wide open.

And there I sit.

Exposed to the world.

Because Maggie was dying to see me.

And the thing about cats is that they can't close doors.
They can only open them.

"Katie, come and close the door for me, please!"
I shout!

I am learning to close the door til it clicks.

Thanks to Maggie.


The Westminster Dog show is on tonight.
USA channel.

My husband is softening on the whole dog issue.

There is a dog in our future.

I can't wait to see what a puppy would do to Maggie!



Thank you for your thoughtful, kind comments, yesterday.
I savored every one as food for my soul.

It was a hard day, but I got thru it.
With a little help from my friends.

Encourage one another,

Tell us about your pets!

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