Thursday, February 22, 2007

Have you done your taxes yet?
I'm going to HRBlock today.
It makes me nervous, every time I go.
Dealing with money and the government, just makes me nervous.


I can save you two hours.
Here is the highlight of American Idol last night.

Janet, Jordin was excellent, too!
She was really confident for one so young!
Beautiful girl.


Are you ready to predict what will happen tonight on Grey's Anatomy?
Who will die?


I got sucked into the Anna Nicole hearing yesterday afternoon, specifically when Larry-the real father-Birkhead was speaking.

What can I say, but the judge is a fool and an egomaniac.

Bury Anna in the plot she bought for herself.
Do the DNA tests.
And take that baby away from Howard-the leach-Stern.

~Judge Booshay


Gotta run,
Katie is thirsty and she can not lift the jug of milk.
Motherhood calls.

Encourage one another,

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