Thursday, February 15, 2007

Six Degrees

of Separation

John Mayer was in town last night.

Recent John
Vintage John

Emma and her friends threw themselves a 'Valentines Party for girls without Valentines.'
They would have liked to go see John Mayer, but the tickets were pricey for high school girls.
So they ate Chinese food at Happy Wok, giggled and screamed in the basement (about what, I don't know) and ate sherbet and ice cream right out of the containers.

Their friend, Dave, was fortunate enough to work as a temp roadie for John Mayer last night.
He was sweet enough to bring the girls....t-shirts.

They were hoping he would bring John.

Emma and Candace are making the face they would make if they got to meet John.


I asked Dave what special requests John Mayer had for his food.
(You know rock stars are notorious for crazy requests of specific brands of water and only green M&M's)

JM had to have chocolate chip cookies with exactly five pieces of Ghirardelli Chocolate in them.

The tour came with it's own portable kitchen which they rolled off the bus like Amps.
(Now, that is interesting!)

They made chicken for dinner. (Dave helped with this)
And John wanted something different than everyone else.

Jessica Simpson was with John Mayer.

She was not fussy about the food.


What would you "demand" on your tour?

Don't forget, you get to bring your chef...and your own kitchen.

I think I would bring an elliptical machine, so I would not break the streak :o)

I would have Evian Water.
Clear ice cubes.
Diet Dr. Pepper.

And a chef that could make delicious salads and Chinese food.
Chicken Salads from Whole Foods...all flavors.
Lobster and Filet Mignon.
Fresh strawberries and pineapple

And since I'm the boss.
No sweets or chips to tempt me.

Ah, the perks of being a rock star.

How was your Valentines day?
What are your 'rock star whims'?

Encourage one another,

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