Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Today we will celebrate 100 days of math lessons with a few other homeschool families.
Amy J invited us to party at Chucky Cheese.

This was the most delightful invite for little Katie because I have frequently told her, "We are never going to Chucky Cheese. Don't ask me again."

But an invite from one of her favorite little girlfriends and a promise from Amy that it will be quiet (because it's a Wednesday) prompted me to say yes.

And, well, Katie is on lesson 109 of her Calvert math.
And she will remember this as a pretty special field trip, won't she.

I really can be a party pooper.

I mean, I have absolutely NO interest in Disneyland/world.

Zippo. Zilch.

Happiest place on the planet.


The happiest place on the planet is right here, bay-bee!


Do you want to talk about American Idol?

I will just comment on the two Chris'.

Chris Richardson is the shaved headed, rapper kid.
I hate rap.
But, I like this boy.
A lot.

He is the only one I can imagine actually having a career in music and being The American Idol.

Chris Sligh is the guy with that (I'm sorry) awful hair.
I like his face and his voice and his personality.
But I just can not stand his hair.

Please cut your hair Chris S.


Pray for me.

Now I remember why I freak about Chuck E. Cheese.

The begging for money.

(We don't do carnivals either.)

Tell me, how many tokens should I buy for one and a half hours?

Encourage one another,

p.s. I'm really just joking and being dramatic about Chuck's.
Amy and Lynn will be there...
We always have a fun time when we're together!

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