Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Feast
One Hundred & Thirty

Appetizer - Have you been sick yet this winter? If so, what did you come down with?

Nope. Healthy as a race horse.
Knock. Knock.

Soup - What colors dominate your closet?

Pink, black and white dominate.

Salad - How would you describe your personal "comfort zone"?

I'm not sure what this question means.
Enlighten me.

Main Course - On which reality show would you really like to be a contestant?

This is hard.
If I could wear a brown bag on my head and have my family near by, I would go on Biggest Loser.

The Amazing Race would be the least embarrassing, but it would probably kill me!

Dessert - Do you take vitamins?

I always intend to take vitamins but I forget to take them.
Same with makeup.
I love the idea of makeup...but I just forget to use it!

Fine Art Friday

Learn about Pierre-Joseph Redoute here

Grey's Anatomy


Oh, Meredith.


Swim to the light, honey.


What did McDreamy say to Meredith? About the 'knight in shining something'?
I know one of you will remember.
McDreamy's hair looked especially fine last night.
And the Cheif and his darker hair was funny.
Mark had the funniest line of the night.
"Highlights, you need highlights."

That's all I can think of this morning.

I'm a little fuzzy.

What are those vitamins that help with memory?

Encourage one another,

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