Saturday, February 24, 2007

Where are those big boys when we need them?

Oh, yeah, Omaha. (waving)

My husband is shoveling for the third in twelve hours.
He has this thing about getting that

I'm actually looking forward to getting out there and burning some calories....
but much later....

We have a huge build up of snow at the end of our driveway from the snowplows.
Seems we get more snow in our driveway than anyone else on the block.
We think there is a conspiracy.

Katie's cold pink fingers.

So that's what we will be doing this weekend.
And watching the Oscars.

I have only seen two of the movies that are nominated.
Little Miss Sunshine and The Departed.

I didn't like either of them enough to recommend them.

Charlotte's Web and The Devil Wears Prada were the only other movies I have seen at the theater this year. I liked these :o)

So I really don't watch to root for a movie.
I watch to see the ladies dressed in their finest finery.
I watch for sentimental speeches and funny speeches.

That's all.

What was your favorite movie this year?

Encourage one another,

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