Friday, October 17, 2008

And now for something completely different.

And now for something completely different.

Laura and Sandy are helping with the Friday Five this week.
Isn't that nice?

1. What is a facorite family tradition-either from when you were a child or now?
2. What new-or nearly new-TV showor series have you seen this season?
3. Which three books would you like to read in the next three months, and why?
4. Are you changing Christmas plans due to economic news?
5. What was the most important thing you learned in Home Ec.

I was wondering about Home Ec the other day. Do students still take Home Ec?

I get emails and comments from young women pretty often. I think it is so sweet that they like it here.
Let's encourage those younger women, shall we? :o)

I learned to turn pan handles to the side and not have them sticking out toward the room where they can be easily bumped
and tipped over. I think about this tip every single time I cook.


I shot a girl's volleyball team yesterday :o)

(Lynn loves when I say that)

Removed by donna

Every single one of them!

And they were so clever! I would never have thought of this. They did. And I love it.
It's out of focus. But what cha gonna do?



Life in Mars won the night for best my opinion.

(But, I haven't watched Ugly Betty yet and I hear Gio is on. And Gio and Betty are my favorite couple on television. Bar none.)

Bar None. What does THAT mean and where does it come from??

Back to Life on Mars.

It's really really well written.
Beautifully acted.
Great music.

And there was a touching, delightful dance.

Sam and a hippie girl danced to I am a rock.

Love it. It's up there with Lost when it comes to mystery!

You may not know that I never watch cop shows. Never have.
I always love the medical shows.

But for all of you who have dropped Grey's Anatomy, pick up Life on Mars.
(It's even better than Pushing Dasies. Which I think is struggling to find it's way since the writer's strike for some reason)

It's really something special.
And the men in your life will like it too!

Go answer the questions....

I've got a lot to learn.

Encourage one another,

For Steph and those of you who have moved away.
The New Blackhawk Church.
Nevermind the slant, it doesn't do that in person.

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