Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The itsy bitsy dancer.

Poor Susan Luci. She is so tiny she is about to break.

Her foot work is almost invisible to my eye because her movements are so
delicate and tiny.

She is not made for dancing on the stage.

Tinkerbell has more heft than Susan Luci.
But their feet are the same size.


I happen to love Toni Braxton's dance last night.
I found that whole dance interesting and creative.

(I'd love to show you, but can't find the video yet.)

I'm very surprised Brooke Burke got a ten.

Do you think she deserved it?

Cloris. ugh. She should really go now. She was embarrassing last night.
Even more than usual.


For those of you who have Twitter.

I did a little experiment.

If you leave a comment for someone who is not following you, they can indeed see your comment.

I didn't think they COULD see your comment. So last night I asked someone that I follow who I know does not follow me.
And he answered that yes, he could see my comment.

And I really appreciate it cause all of these new fangled gadgets can get so confusing and I don't like to be confused.

Thanks Nate from Image is Found.

You made my day :o)


I took the girls to the farmer's market on Saturday.

Some of you wondered who the other young women were...

Patrick Jr. has a girlfriend named Shelby. She came to town to see Patrick as he lives far away in Washington.
The other young lady is my daughter in law, Melinda.
Katie and Emma you know.

(While we were at the farmer's market the guys were golfing.)




This is my favorite.

Tuesday blessings!!

Encourage one another,

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