Thursday, October 23, 2008

I know. It's been done.

But I have a slightly different take on these pictures


I like how I look with the odd hairdos much better than how I really look.

Perhaps the editing machine on helped in the chin area and that makes me look prettier....

But seriously.

I'm ready to take these pictures into Heather and tell her I'd like to give it a go.


What I like best about this picture is how much I look like Janet.
I never thought I looked like Janet before.
But here I really do.

And Janet had big hair once upon a time.


Here I look just like Aunt Betty.

I lived with Aunt Betty when her hair was exactly like this in 1976.

I miss her.

Sister Sue wore her hair like this too.

I have always been a straight hair girl.
Some times with bangs.

But usually pulled back in a pony tail cause the hair in my face gets on my nerves.
Although, I know I look better with it down.
With some mascara.

I have a hard time spending time on my appearance.

I have tried a few times to wear a hairdo and I can't do it.

It wears me out.


But really!!!
How cute would I be with this hair???

This is my mother's hair! I love this picture. I love how I look like my mom so much.
And it's the prettiest one.

Remember how I wanted those cat eye glasses so badly.

I was on the something there.

My next pair will look like this!
No kidding!!!


Oh Heather....

I have a question for you...

Encourage one another,

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